Untouched Earth is a 2D side scrolling indie adventure game set to release on PC in the Winter of 2020. It's about a young man named Samuel whose fiance, Willow, went missing a year ago. As a result, Samuel finds himself in a deep depression. One day, while writing at his desk, Samuel hears a knock on the door and finds Willow's journal mysteriously sitting on the doorstep. The journal reveals that Willow came to possess a map that leads to a hidden temple deep within a mysterious land known as The Untouched Earth. Samuel goes to find Willow, and embarks on a journey that leads him through danger 

and discovery as

he battles the strong

pull of his depression. 


Untouched Earth is developed with the Unity game engine, and uses physics based behavior to control movement. The game is a combination of physical combat and obstacle based maneuvering to progress from one territory to the next, completing small missions along the way.

The main character, Samuel, is capable of various acrobatic feats, including scaling high mountain sides, hanging from vines and cliffs, swinging off ropes, bouncing off obstacles, and flipping through the air. 

Samuel is also well versed in Taekwondo, and has the ability to throw martial arts attacks including front kicks, side kicks, round kicks, and jumping variations of each. Samuel comes equipped with a bo staff and pistol to perform advanced combat skills.


Untouched Earth is a solo project being developed by Christopher Sefcik. The game marks his first attempt to create a full length PC game. Christopher started the project in August of 2017 as a way to learn Unity and improve his art, animation, story telling, and coding skills.